Publishing house «Remedium Privolzhje»

From 2001 publishing house «Remedium Privolzhje» is specialized in informational work in different fields of medicine which promotes the introduction of innovative technologies into the sphere of Russian Federation medical service and contributes for the realization of priority tasks of national projects in public health service.

The activity of our organization includes a few components:

· Publication of information-analysis journal “Remedium Privolzhje ” for the specialists of pharmaceutical and medical fields of Privolzhsky District;

· Publication of Russian reviewed scientific journal “Medical Almanac”;

· Organization of specialized medical and pharmaceutical research-to-practice events (forums, conferences, symposiums and exhibitions);

· Collection of statistical information of medical and pharmaceutical markets of Privolzhsky District.

· Organization of marketing research, seminars and trainings, direct-marketing;


One of the most important directions of the staff’s work is the organization of specialized medical and pharmaceutical research-to-practice events. For the last 5 years Remedium Privolzhje took part in organization of more than 60 research-to-practice medical events in different clinical fields. The company has big experience in the organization of regional events, all-russian conferences and plenary meetings, medical forums with international participation. Working in a close connection with leading professional scientific societies, “Remedium Privozhje” is considered to be the operator and active informational partner of 12-17 research-to-practice medical events annually.

Three vectors of editorial work:

1. Monthly issue of information-analysis journal “Remedium Privolzhje” about regional medicamental market, medical facilities and innovations in public health service of Privolzhskij District. Published since 2002. Content – up to 60 pages, A4- format, circulation – 5000 issues. The readers of the journal “Remedium Privolzhje” are the heads of wholesale houses and pharmacies, heads of medical establishments, leading specialists in public health service and organizers of medicamental and medical supply in Privolzhsky District.

2. Publication of different printing products, methodical and reference materials for medical workers.

3. Trimestrial issue of reviewed scientific journal “Medical Almanac” . Russian specialized journal “Medical Almanac” is included in the List of leading reviewed journals, recommended by State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles of Russian Federation for the publication of the materials of dissertations, and is considered to be the platform which connects the organizers of public health service, scientists and practicing physicians.

The publishing house “Remedium Privolzhje” actively works on the development of information services, services in the organization of research-to-practice events and promotion of published journals: makes free distribution to medical and scientific establishments of Privolzhsky Federal District, Moscow and large cities of Russia, distributes at scientific medical conferences, organizes regular subscription.