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Тибилов А.З., Киреева Н.Б. Современные тенденции в лечении гипоспадии (обзор). Медицинский альманах. 2019;(5-6):82-86.

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Tibilov A.Z., Kireeva N.B. The article contains the analysis of the literature devoted to the correction of hypospadias in children. Parallels are drawn between classical works and modern trends in the treatment of this malformation. New surgical techniques (with reference to the history of their appearance) and developments are described. There is a discussion about the use of single and staged surgical interventions in the proximal hypospadias, the analysis of literary data about the complications, results of operations. New classification parameters of hypospadias, methods of assessing the severity of the defect before surgery, functional and cosmetic results after surgery are described. Attention is paid to such direction as standardization of approaches to surgical treatment of hypospadias, unification of methods of urethroplasty and correction of penile curvature. The data of clinical studies on the use of various operational techniques are presented.. Medical Almanac. 2019;(5-6):82-86. (In Russ.)

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